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Audi Q7: Memory function

General information

Applies to: vehicles with memory function

With the memory function, you can save and call up seat profiles using the memory buttons in the door trim panel.

Depending on vehicle equipment, some settings such as the driver's seat and exterior mirror position can be stored.

Storing and recalling a seat profile

Applies to: vehicles with memory function

The memory function buttons are located in the door trim panel.

Storing a seat profile

  • Press the [SET] button. If the LED in the button turns on, a seat profile can be stored.
  • Push one of the numbered memory buttons. A tone confirms that the settings were stored.

Accessing a seat profile

  • While the driver's or front passenger's door is open and the ignition is switched off, press the memory button once briefly. The seat will be fully adjusted to the settings in the seat profile.
  • If the driver's/front passenger's door is closed or the ignition is switched on, press and hold the memory button until the seat profile is completely set.


  • To reduce the risk of an accident, the seat setting can only be recalled when the vehicle is stationary.
  • In an emergency, the recall process can be canceled by pressing the seat adjustment button on that seat.


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