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Audi Q7: Windshield wipers

Switching the windshield wipers on

Fig. 45 Lever: windshield wipers
Fig. 45 Lever: windshield wipers

Fig. 46 Lever: rear window wiper
Fig. 46 Lever: rear window wiper

Move the lever to the corresponding position:

(0) Windshield wipers off

(1) Rain sensor/intermittent mode. The windshield wipers switch on once the vehicle speed exceeds approximately 2 mph (4 km/h) and it is raining. The higher the sensitivity of the rain sensor that is set (switch (6) to the right), the earlier the windshield wipers react to moisture on the windshield. You can deactivate the rain sensor mode, which switches the interval mode on. In intermittent mode, you can adjust the interval time using the switch (6).

  • Applies to: MMI: Select on the home screen: VEHICLE > Light & Visibility > Rain sensor.

(2) Slow wiping

(3) Fast wiping

(4) Single wipe. If you hold the lever in this position longer, the wipers switch from slow wiping to fast wiping.

(5) Clean the windshield . The number of wipes and afterwipes depends on how long the lever is held in position (5).

The wipers wipe one time after several seconds of driving to remove water droplets. You can switch this function off by moving the lever to position (5) within ten seconds of the afterwipe. The afterwipe function is reactivated the next time you switch the ignition on.

If you hold the Lever in position (5) for longer than half a second, the edge wiping feature will be activated. This moves the windshield wipers closer to the edge of the windshield and performs an afterwipe to clean the residue that results from the wiping process from the edge of the windshield. The function is available when driving at speeds up to 75 mph (120 km/h).

The headlight washer system* operates only when the low beam headlights are on. If you move the lever into position (5), the headlights will be cleaned at fixed intervals.

(7) Wipe the rear window . The number of wipes depends on the windshield wiper movement.

The rear wiper automatically switches on when the reverse gear is selected and the front windshield wipers are on and running.

(8) Clean the rear window . The number of wipes depends on how long the lever is held in position (8). This may also clean the rearview camera, depending on the vehicle equipment.


  • The rain sensor is only intended to assist the driver. The driver may still be responsible for manually switching the wipers on based on visibility conditions.
  • The windshield must not be treated with water-repelling windshield coating agents.

    Under unfavorable conditions, such as wetness, darkness, and when the sun is low, these coatings can cause increased glare, which increases the risk of an accident. They can also cause wiper blade chatter.

  • Properly functioning windshield wiper blades are required for a clear view and safe driving, Cleaning/changing wiper blades.


  • If there is frost, make sure the windshield wiper blades are not frozen to the windshield.

    Switching on the windshield wipers when the blades are frozen to the windshield can damage the wiper blades.

  • Prior to using a car wash, the windshield wiper system must be switched off (lever in position (0) ). This prevents the wipers from switching on unintentionally and causing damage to the windshield wiper system.


  • The windshield wipers switch off when the ignition is switched off. You can activate the windshield wipers after the ignition is switched on again by moving the lever to any position. The single wipe function (lever in position (4) also functions when the ignition is switched off.
  • Worn or dirty windshield wiper blades result in streaking. This can affect the rain sensor function. Check your windshield wiper blades regularly.
  • The washer fluid nozzles for the windshield washer system are heated when the ignition is on if the outside temperature is low.
  • When stopping temporarily, such as at a traffic light, the speed of the windshield wipers automatically reduces by one level.


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