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Audi Q7: Fuse assignment - footwell

Fig. 192 Driver's footwell (left-hand drive vehicle): fuse panel with plastic clip
Fig. 192 Driver's footwell (left-hand drive vehicle): fuse panel with plastic clip

Fig. 193 Front passenger's footwell (right-hand drive vehicle): fuse panel with
Fig. 193 Front passenger's footwell (right-hand drive vehicle): fuse panel with plastic clip

Fuse panel (1) (brown)

  1. Catalytic converter heating, camshaft adjustment
  2. Mass airflow sensor, heated oxygen sensors
  3. Motor heating, fuel injectors, exhaust doors
  4. Hot water pump, exhaust doors, NOX sensor, particulate sensor, biodiesel sensor
  5. Brake light sensor
  6. Engine valves
  7. Heated oxygen sensor, mass airflow sensor
  8. High pressure pump, motor mount
  9. Motor components, motor relay
  10.  Oil pressure sensor, oil temperature sensor
  11. 48 volt coolant pump, 48 volt starter generator, 12 volt starter generator
  12. Engine valves
  13. Engine cooling
  14. Drive system control module
  15. Heated oxygen sensors
  16. Fuel pump

Fuse panel (2) (red)

  1. Ignition coils
  1. 48 volt heater
  2. Electric compressor
  3. Engine mount
  4. Windshield washer system control module
  5. Instrument panel
  6. Climate control system blower
  7. Driver assistance systems control module
  8. Emergency call and communication control module
  9. Engine start, electric drive clutch
  10. Bight headlight

Fuse panel (3) (black)

  1.  Front seat heating
  2. Windshield wipers
  3. Left headlight electronics
  4. Panoramic glass roof
  5. Left front door control module
  6. Sockets
  7. Right rear door control module
  8. Left headlight
  9. Right headlight electronics
  10. Windshield washer system/headlight washer system control module
  11. Left rear door control module
  12. Parking heater

Fuse panel (4) (brown)

  1. Seat ventilation, seat electronics, rearview mirror, rear climate control system control panel, diagnostic connection, traffic information antenna
  2. Vehicle electrical system control module, diagnostic interface
  3. Sound generator
  4. Transmission fluid cooling valve
  5. Engine start, electric drive
  1. Night vision assist, active roll stabilization
  2. Adaptive cruise assist, front wheel sensors
  3. Exterior sound generator
  4. Intersection assistant, driver assist systems
  5. Right headlight
  6. Left headlight
  1. USB connection
  2. Rear Seat Entertainment preparation

Fuse panel (5) (red)

  1. Anti-theft alarm system
  2. Engine control module
  3. Front seat electronics, lumbar support
  4. Automatic transmission selector lever
  5. Horn
  6. Parking brake
  7. Diagnostic interface
  8. Roof electronics control module
  9. 48 volt starter generator
  10. Airbag control module
  11. Electronic Stabilization Control (ESC), Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
  12. Diagnostic connection, light/rain sensor
  13. Climate control system
  14. Right front door control module
  15. Climate control system compressor
  16. Brake system pressure reservoir


     Fuse assignment - cockpit

    Fig. 194 Driver side cockpit: fuse panel with plastic bracket Fuse panel (1) (black) Convenience access and start authorization control module Audi phone box, USB connection Head-up display Au

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     Instrument Panel Central Tube

    Overview - Instrument Panel Central Tube 1 - Bolt 20 Nm Quantity: 1 on the left and right side   Caution There is a risk of malfunctions do to a faulty ground connection. The counter threaded and contact surface must be free of paint, coating, and corrosion, the threaded con


    Adjusting exterior mirrors Fig. 41 Driver's door: knob for the exterior mirrors Turn the knob in the driver's door to the desired position: 0 - Deactivates all adjustment functions. - Selects the left or right exterior mirror. To adjust the mirror glass in a mirror, press the knob in the desired

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