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Audi Q7: Map

Map function

Applies to: vehicles with navigation system

Fig. 149 Active route guidance

Fig. 150 Marked map object

Opening the map

  • Applies to: MMI: Press NAVIGATION on the home screen.
  • If necessary, press to display the map.

The following list gives an overview of the information displayed on the map. Press on any function (for example, alternative routes) to show additional options.

  1. Select destination
  2. Entering a destination
  3. Cancel route guidance
  4. Current route
  5. Request spoken prompt
  6. Alternative routes
  7. Display active destinations, stopovers, or route plan. The distance to the destination including the calculated arrival time is displayed
  8. Online traffic information
  9. Altitude
  10. Displays the maximum permitted speed1): within city limits, on expressways, and on highways
  11. Current vehicle position
  12. Route information
  13. Name of the street on which you are driving
  14. Start route guidance for a marked destination
  15. Display details for the destination
  16. Intelligent search nearby
  17. Adjust the map orientation
  18. Settings
  19. Adjust the scale. Press the magnifying glass to switch automatic zoom on the map on or off. The symbol appears when this function is switched on
  20. Marked destination
  21. Map contents (points of interest, favorites).

    When there are multiple map contents in the immediate vicinity, the symbols are shown stacked on the map. To display a list of individual symbols, press > fig. 150. Press on a POI in the list

  22. Center the map to the current vehicle position
  23. Traffic incidents and display of estimated losses of time on the route
    • Green: traffic is flowing freely
    • Orange: stop-and-go traffic
    • Red: traffic jam or traffic obstructions.

Additional possible symbols on the map

Home address

Business address


Previous destinations display

Traffic information

  • Colored warning symbols: traffic incidents ahead that are on your route.
  • Grayed out warning symbols: traffic incidents that are not on your route.
  • All traffic incidents will display in color when route guidance is inactive.
  • Warning symbols with arrow: traffic incident that you have been routed around, for example .

Map operation

Applies to: vehicles with navigation system

You can operate the map fig. 149 with the movements described in the following information.

Moving the map

  • Drag your finger across the map in the desired direction.

Moving the map quickly

  • Swipe your finger across the map in the desired direction and lift your finger off the map.

Zooming in on the map

  • Place two fingers on the map and pull your fingers apart, or
  • Double-tap on the map with one finger.

Zooming out on the map

  • Place two fingers on the map and pull your fingers together, or
  • Double-tap on the map with two fingers.

Rotating the map

  • Rotate the map using two fingers.

Tilting the map

  • Drag upward or downward with two fingers.


Certain gestures may not be available on all touch displays or in every menu.

Navigation view with route guidance started

Applies to: vehicles with navigation system and Audi virtual cockpit

Fig. 151 Instrument cluster: default view: turning maneuver when route guidance has started

The following information will be displayed in the driver information system, if available:

  1. Current vehicle position
  2. A bar graph appears when there is an upcoming turn. The fewer the bars that are shown, the shorter the distance is until the turn. If there is no upcoming turn immediately ahead, the distance to the destination or stopover, the calculated arrival time, and a direction arrow for the upcoming maneuver will be displayed in the right speedometer. If there is no upcoming maneuver, the distance to the next maneuver will be displayed.
  3. Lane recommendation

Predictive route guidance

Applies to: vehicles with navigation system and predictive route guidance

Your MMI can learn the routes that you drive frequently (such as your daily commute to work and back) and suggest route guidance based on the current vehicle position.

When the function is switched on, the MMI records the routes driven regardless of whether or not you are using navigation.

Without starting route guidance, your MMI can check the traffic conditions and shows possible traffic incidents for the possible routes to be driven.

Opening personal routes

Requirement: predictive route guidance is switched on. Route guidance must not be active. A notification is displayed.

  • The MMI displays up to three suggestions.

    Press on a suggestion. Route guidance will start.

Better routes

If there are major traffic incidents, the MMI will display a notification regardless of the selected menu. If the MMI has calculated a better route, you can select it as the route.

  • Press on the notification.

As soon as you switch off predictive route guidance, your personal routes will no longer be recorded.

Routes that were already stored will remain stored.

Deleting personal routes

  • Applies to: MMI: Select on the home screen: NAVIGATION > > Predictive route guidance
  • Delete recordings from the last 24 hours or Delete all personal routes and destinations.


If the predictive route guidance is switched off and you press , the predictive route guidance settings will be displayed.


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