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Audi Q7: Traffic incidents


Applies to: vehicles with navigation system and online traffic information

Fig. 153 traffic information overview

Open traffic information

Requirement: the map must be displayed.

  • Press on the traffic jam symbol in the side menu on the map fig. 149.

Display traffic report details

  • Press on the traffic report (2).
  • To display the previous or next traffic report, press or .

The following information can be displayed:

  1. A message will appear if the MMI calculates a better route for the current route guidance.

    The predicted delay takes into account future changes to the traffic situation on the route.

    Press on an item in a list (1) and select the better route. More information can be found under.

  2. A traffic message is displayed. The distance to the hazardous area is calculated from the current vehicle position.
  3. The traffic messages are only shown when route guidance is active. Press on a line to display details about it.


  • Particularly critical traffic information, such as warnings about wrong-way drivers, is automatically displayed as a notification.
  • Traffic information is not available in some countries.

Traffic reroution

Applies to: vehicles with navigation system

By receiving traffic information, your MMI calculates a better route if available and the possible time saved compared to the current route.

Traffic rerouting

  • Start route guidance.

The MMI uses a notification or a note in the traffic information (1) fig. 153 to indicate a better route. You can decide which route you would like to use.

To select a better route, you have the following options:

  • Notification: press . The better route will be used for route guidance, or press on the notification.

    Press on the information window for the better route (for example (2) fig. 152).

  • Note in the traffic information: press on the list entry (1) fig. 153. Press on the information window for the better route (for example (2) fig. 152).

Online traffic information

Applies to: vehicles with navigation system and online traffic information

The MMI can receive real-time online traffic information about congestion, accidents, road construction, and other incidents.

Requirement: the MMI must be connected to the Internet. Traffic information must be switched on in the MMI.

Traffic information will be displayed on the standard map fig. 149.

Online traffic information is also displayed on the standard map.


  • Having the online traffic information function switched on provides the most accurate reports of traffic situations and traffic forecasting.

    Your vehicle transmits and processes its anonymous, encrypted position information at regular intervals to the traffic data provider. You can switch off data transfer at any time.

  • The online traffic information network is not available in all countries, and the coverage is not nationwide.



    Applies to: vehicles with navigation system You can adjust the navigation system settings in the instrument cluster and in the MMI display separately. The settings depend on the country and vehicle eq


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