Audi Q7 Owners & Service Manuals

Audi Q7: Overview - Rear Brakes

1 - Bleed Screw

  • 10 Nm
  • Before installing, thinly coat with Assembly Paste -G 052 150 A2-.

2 - Protective Cap

3 - Bolt

  • 35 Nm
  • Replace after removing
  • When loosening and tightening, counterhold at the guide pin
  • Self-locking

4 - Gasket

  • Replace after removing

5 - Bolt

  • 12 Nm

6 - Electro-Mechanical Parking Brake Motor

  • Left Parking Brake Motor -V282-
  • Right Parking Brake Motor -V283-
  • Refer to → Chapter "Left and Right Parking Brake Motor - V282-/-V283-, Removing and Installing"

7 - Guide Pin

  • Check ease of movement

8 - Clip

9 - Brake Pad Wear Indicator Wire

  • With Left Rear Brake Pad Wear Sensor -G36-/Right Rear Brake Pad Wear Sensor -G37-
  • For inner brake pad
  • Replace when replacing the brake pads.
  • Refer to → Chapter "Brake Pad Wear Indicator Wire, Removing and Installing"

10 - Protective Cap

  • Replace if damaged

11 - Banjo Bolt

  • 10 Nm +45º
  • Permanent with gaskets
  • Check for damage
  • Replace together with the brake hose
  • Clean any corrosion from the sealing surface on the brake caliper

12 - Brake Hose

  • Observe correct routing: make sure the brake hose is not blocked, bent or rubbing against the vehicle
  • Replace if damaged
  • Make sure that lugs are properly seated in grooves in bracket.

13 - Rivet

14 - Bracket

  • For the brake line/hose
  • On the body

15 - Spring

  • Replace if damaged

16 - Brake Line

  • Tightening specification, brake line to brake hose, 14 Nm

17 - Bolt

  • 8 Nm

18 - Bracket

  • For brake hose

19 - Bolt

  • 100 Nm +90º
  • Replace after removing
  • Self-locking

20 - Wheel Bearing Housing

21 - Brake Shield

  • Refer to → Chapter "Brake Shield, Removing and Installing"

22 - Bolt

  • 10 Nm

23 - Brake Rotor

  • Do not use excessive force to separate the brake rotor from the wheel hub. Use rust remover, if necessary, otherwise the brake rotor could be damaged.
  • Replace on both sides of axle if worn.
  • Refer to → Chapter "Brake Rotor, Removing and Installing"

24 - Bolt

  • 10 Nm

25 - Brake Pads

  • Check the pad thickness.
  • Refer to → Chapter "Brake Pads, Removing and Installing"
  • Always replace on both axles.
  • Installation position. Refer to → Fig. "Brake Pads Installation Position".

26 - Brake Carrier

  • Delivered as an assembled replacement part with sufficient grease on the guide pins
  • Refer to → Chapter "Brake Carrier, Removing and Installing"
  • Clean the contact surfaces for the brake pads and thinly coat with Lithium Grease -G 052 150 A2-

27 - Brake Caliper

  • Refer to → Chapter "Brake Caliper, Removing and Installing"
  • Refer to → Chapter "Brake Caliper, Replacing"
  • After servicing or replacing perform "Guided Fault Finding". Refer to Vehicle Diagnostic Tester.

Brake Pads Installation Position

Version 1:

  • In installed position, the arrow on the backing plate of the actual brake pad must point downward


  • The layout of the arrow is different depending on the manufacturer.
  • The contact of the brake pad wear indicator is inserted in the opening -arrow- of the inner brake pad.


Version 2:

- Pay attention to the labeling on the backing plate of the brake pads.


A - Outside

B - Inner


Additionally the inner brake pad has an opening -arrow- for the contact of the brake pad wear indicator.


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