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Audi Q7: Remote controlled parking

General information

Applies to: vehicles with remote park assist plus

Remote controlled parking is part of park assist plus. The process for parking or exiting a parking space can be controlled with a mobile device from outside the vehicle. To do so, the driver must have both the vehicle key and the mobile device with him or her. While the driver controls the vehicle remotely and monitors the vehicle's surroundings, the system controls the steering, gear selection, acceleration, braking, and locking the vehicle.


  • Observe the safety precautions and note the limits of the assist systems, sensors, and cameras.
  • Remote controlled parking is only an assist system. The driver is always responsible for maneuvering, driving, and stopping the vehicle and performing other driving maneuvers.
  • Do not use this function if the vehicle cannot move freely, for example when on a vehicle jack.
  • Failing to pay careful attention to the vehicle's surroundings increases the risk of an accident. Sensors and cameras have spots in which the surrounding area cannot be detected.

    Objects, animals, and people may only be detected with limitations may not be detected at all. Always monitor the traffic as well as the vehicle's surroundings with direct eye contact. Stay near the vehicle while controlling it. Make sure you have a clear view of the vehicle and the area surrounding it. Do not become distracted.

  • Applies to: vehicles with anti-theft alarm system: There is a risk of fatal injury for people locked in the vehicle, especially children.

    The vehicle is locked during remote controlled parking. Make sure there are no persons inside the vehicle both before and after using remote controlled parking.

  • There is a risk of asphyxiation. Never allow the engine to run in confined spaces. After remote controlled parking, make sure the engine is off.
  • Malfunctions when using the myAudi app increase the risk of an accident. Do not exit the app during the parking process, and make sure that it does not go into the device background, for example by accepting an incoming call. Observe the operating instructions from the manufacturer of your mobile device.
  • There is a risk of accident if the connection is interrupted. In certain situations, the connection between the mobile device and the vehicle can be interrupted, for example from other radio devices or when the distance to the vehicle is too far. Make sure the connection is sufficient, and when in doubt, resume parking the vehicle or exiting the parking space yourself.
  • Blocking notifications, tones, and vibrations increase the risk of an accident. The myAudi app can only warn you if dangers are detected if you make sure that your mobile device allows all notifications, tones, and vibrations for the myAudi app.


  • Do not use remote controlled parking when transporting cargo that projects outside of the vehicle or when snow chains are mounted.
  • Remote controlled parking may guide the vehicle either away from curbs or onto them if other vehicles are parked on the curb.

    Make sure that your vehicle's tires and rims are not damaged. Resume control of the vehicle in time or stop the process of parking or exiting the parking space.


  • Follow the legal regulations in the country where you are operating the vehicle when using remote controlled parking. Remote controlled parking may be prohibited in some countries. The system may be unavailable in countries where it has been deactivated in order to comply with legal regulations.

    Data will not be transmitted to Audi.

    The driver is always responsible for adhering to the regulations applicable in the country where the vehicle is being operated.

  • Any individual that uses the mobile device for remote controlled parking is considered the driver and is participating in traffic. The driver is always responsible for adhering to the regulations for using remote controlled parking that are applicable in the country where the vehicle is being operated.
  • Do not endanger any other road users when using remote controlled parking. Testing remote controlled parking in a parking lot with minimal traffic is recommended.
  • Your mobile device should have a sufficient battery charge level. If necessary, charge the mobile device before starting to drive.
  • Do not use the remote controlled parking function with devices that are faulty or damaged or whose function is impaired. Only use the operating systems approved by the mobile device manufacturer.
  • When using remote controlled parking, always pay attention to the areas where your vehicle can be accessed. Make sure that no one can enter your vehicle and that the vehicle has been locked after the parking process is completed. Take the vehicle key with you when leaving the vehicle.


Applies to: vehicles with remote park assist plus

The following steps must be completed before using for the first time:

  • Create a myAudi account by registering in the myAudi app or at, depending on your country.
  • Add your vehicle to your myAudi account.
  • Set the key user.
  • Install the myAudi app on your mobile device and log in with your access information.

Device compatibility

The mobile device will be checked when the process for parking or exiting a parking space begins.

If an incompatibility is detected, it will be displayed in the myAudi app. Audi does not recommend using the function if an incompatibility is detected .

A selection of supported Bluetooth devices can be found in the database for tested mobile devices at Compatibility cannot be guaranteed for all types of mobile devices.

The availability depends on the following factors, among others:

  • Brand and build version of the mobile device
  • Version of the mobile device operating system
  • Software version of the app used
  • Individual settings on the mobile device


  • Observe the safety precautions and note the limits of the assist systems, sensors, and cameras.
  • There is a risk of an accident if an incompatible mobile device is used. If there is a display indicating that functionality is restricted, the vehicle's reaction speed may be impaired due to reduced transmission speed.

Parking options

Applies to: vehicles with remote park assist plus

Depending on the vehicle equipment, you may have the following options when using remote controlled parking:

Driving into parking spaces

  • Parallel parking on the left or right side of the street (1), fig. 134
  • Driving forward or backing into perpendicular parking spaces (2)/(3), fig. 134.

Exiting parking spaces

  • Exiting perpendicular parking spaces (1), fig. 135.
  • Exiting parallel parking spaces (2).


Observe the safety precautions and note the limits of the assist systems, sensors, and cameras.


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