Audi Q7 Owners & Service Manuals

Audi Q7: Settings

Press the buttons to turn the functions on or off.

One bar in the button or the LED in the button will light up when the function is switched on.

Some buttons can have several functions assigned to them. The various functions can be activated by pressing the button multiple times.

AUTO Automatic mode

The automatic mode regulates the amount of air and air distribution automatically, so that the set temperature is reached is quickly as possible.

REAR Rear climate control system

To enable operation of the climate control system from the rear of the vehicle, press REAR.

To exit this mode again, press REAR or REAR MODE EXIT.

SYNC Synchronization

When synchronization is switched on, the temperature, air distribution, and blower strength on the driver's side is applied to all seat positions.

You can also control the synchronization directly using a gesture. Pull two fingers together on the lower display.

OFF Switching off

The climate control system is switched off. Air supply from the outside is blocked. If you press OFF in the front, the front and rear climate control system will switch off. If you press OFF in the rear, the rear climate control system will switch off. To switch the climate control system back on, press on any button in the respective display.

A/C / Cooling mode

The cooling mode only functions with the blower turned on. The air is not cooled and humidity is not reduced when cooling mode is switched off.

This can cause fog on the windows. The cooling mode switches off automatically at low outside temperatures.

If you activate the A/C, the cooling mode will be automatically regulated.

If you activate , the cooling mode will run with maximum cooling output and maximum blower speed. To reduce unnecessary energy usage, only use this function briefly.

+ /- Temperature

Temperatures between 60 ºF (+16 ºC) and 84 ºF (+28 ºC) can be set. If outside of this range, LOW / LO or HIGH / HI will appear in the display.

In both settings, the climate control runs constantly at the maximum cooling or heating level.

The temperature is not regulated.


With   you can manually adjust the volume of air generated by the blower to your preferences.

The blower should always run at a low setting to prevent the windows from fogging and to ensure a continuous exchange of air inside the vehicle. To have the blower regulated automatically, press AUTO.

Air distribution

To prevent the side windows from fogging over, open the side air vents and angle them toward the side.

With you can select the vents from which the air will flow. To have the air distribution controlled automatically, press the AUTO button or deactivate all three arrows. With the air will be directed toward the windshield.

Applies to: vehicles with 4-zone automatic climate control: You can press in the rear control panel multiple times to adjust the air distribution based on the direction of the arrow.


The windshield and side windows are defrosted or cleared of condensation as quickly as possible.

Align the outer air vents with the side windows.

The maximum amount of air flows mainly from the vents below the windshield. Recirculation mode switches off. The temperature should be set at 72 ºF (+22 ºC) or higher. Depending on the outside temperature, the A/C cooling mode may automatically switch on.

Rear window defogger

The rear window defogger only operates when the engine is running. It switches off automatically after 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the outside temperature.

To prevent the rear window defogger from switching off automatically, press and hold the button for more than three seconds. It will remain on until the ignition is switched off.

Recirculation mode

In recirculation mode, the air inside the vehicle is circulated and filtered. This prevents the unfiltered air outside the vehicle from entering the vehicle interior .

Pressing switches recirculation mode on or off manually.

AUTO When switched on, automatic recirculation controls the recirculation mode automatically.

You must press the button if fog forms on the windows.

Seat heating

Applies to: vehicles with heated seats

The seat heating temperature can be set at multiple levels. Press once to switch on the highest level. Press again to decrease the temperature one level at a time. The seat heating is switched off if the button is not illuminated.

Seat ventilation

Applies to: vehicles with seat ventilation

The seat ventilation intensity can be set to multiple levels. Press once to switch on the highest level. Press again to decrease the heat level one level at a time. The seat ventilation is switched off if the button is not illuminated.

Child safety lock*

If turns on in the control panel in the rear, the child safety lock is active and operation is blocked.


Applies to: vehicles with ionizer

Hazardous particles and germs in the air may be reduced through ionization. This helps to improve the air quality for individuals in the passenger compartment.


Applies to: vehicles with fragrance function

The fragrance function will dispense a scent in the vehicle interior. It is dispensed through the front outer vents. This will produce a pleasant scent. The fragrance is time-delayed, especially at low or high temperatures. You can adjust the fragrance function.

Residual heat

The residual heat from the coolant is used to heat the vehicle interior. To use this function, press and hold the button for more than two seconds while the ignition is switched off. The function will switch off automatically after approximately 15 minutes.


  • You should not use the recirculation mode for an extended period of time, because no fresh air is drawn in. This can cause the windows to fog, which increases the risk of an accident. The CO2 concentration in the vehicle interior can also increase when recirculation mode is used for long periods of time, which can impair concentration and affect well-being. Switch recirculation mode off and ventilate the vehicle at the first sign of unwellness.
  • Even though fresh air is supplied automatically, using recirculation mode for long periods of time can result in an increased concentration of CO2 in the vehicle interior. This could impair concentration and affect wellbeing, which can increase the risk of an accident.

    Switch recirculation mode off at the first sign of unwellness.

  • Applies to: vehicles with seat heating: Individuals with reduced sensitivity to pain or temperature could develop burns when using the seat heating function. To reduce the risk of injury, these individuals should not use seat heating.


Applies to: vehicles with heated seats

To reduce the risk of damage to the seat heating elements, do not kneel on the seats or place heavy pressure on one area of the seat.


  • Applies to: vehicles with heated seats: If the front passenger's seat heating has been turned on, it will not turn on again automatically if more than 10 minutes have passed between switching the ignition off and on again.
  • Applies to: vehicles with fragrance function: Only use the fragrance function in moderation and take any other passengers and animals into consideration when using the function. An overlap of different scents or odors could cause discomfort. If there is discomfort, reduce the intensity or switch the fragrance function off. Only use fragrances that are approved by Audi.


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