Audi Q7 Owners & Service Manuals

Audi Q7: Trailer


 Driving with a trailer

General information Your vehicle is primarily intended for transporting people and luggage. However, if you drive with a trailer, follow the technical requirements, the operation and driving tips, and

 Trailer hitch

Introduction Only use a trailer hitch with a removable ball hitch mount and ball hitch. The trailer hitch must be permitted for the vehicle, the trailer and the permitted total weight of the trailer b

 Assist systems


 Cleaning/changing wiper blades

Fig. 47 Windshield wipers: changing the wiper blades Wiper blade replacement position Switch off the ignition and hold the windshield wiper lever in position (4), fig. 45 until the windshield wiper moves into the wiper blade replacement position. To bring the windshield wipers into the norma


Adaptive dampers Applies to: vehicles with suspension control The adaptive dampers are an electronically-controlled damping system. The firmness of the suspension will adapt to the driving conditions and the driving situation. The settings depend on the selected Audi drive select* mode. Air suspensi

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