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Audi Q7: Head-up display


Applies to: vehicles with head-up display

The head-up display projects certain warnings or selected information from the assist systems on the windshield. The display appears within the driver's field of vision.

Switching on and off

The button is located in the function bar on the lower display.

  • To switch the head-up display on or off, press and hold the button.

Settings in the Infotainment system

  • Applies to: MMI: Select on the home screen: SETTINGS > Display & brightness > Head-up display, or
  • Press the button.

Possible settings:

  • Display rotation
  • Brightness
  • Display height: you can adjust the height of the display. Sit in the correct seating position and adjust the head-up display.
  • Display contents: you can set which information should be displayed. Some information and warnings cannot be hidden.


To reduce the risk of scratches on the glass covering the head-up display, do not place any objects in the projection opening.


  • Sunglasses with polarization filters and unfavorable lighting conditions can impair visibility of the display.
  • An optimal display depends on the seat position and the height adjustment of the head-up display.
  • A special windshield is needed for the head-up display function.
  • For information on cleaning, see > table /Interior cleaning.


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