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Audi Q7: High-Mounted Brake Lamp

Overview - High-Mounted Brake Lamp

Overview - High-Mounted Brake Lamp

1 - High-Mounted Brake Lamp

  • High-Mounted Brake Lamp Bulb -M25-
  • Removing and installing. Refer to → Chapter "High-Mounted Brake Lamp Bulb, Removing and Installing".

2 - Spring Nut

3 - Bolt

  • 2.5 Nm

4 - Spring Nut

5 - Bolt

  • 2.5 Nm

High-Mounted Brake Lamp Bulb, Removing and Installing


- Remove the roof spoiler. Refer to → Body Exterior; Rep. Gr.66; Spoiler; Spoiler, Removing and Installing.

- Remove the bolts -4 and 5-.

- Pivot the high-mounted brake lamp -1- on the right side out of the roof spoiler -2- in direction of -arrow- and guide out the wiring harness -3-.



Install in reverse order of removal.

Tightening Specifications

  • Refer to → Chapter "Overview - High-Mounted Brake Lamp"

License Plate Lamp

Left and Right License Plate Lamp -X4-/-X5-, Removing and Installing


- Turn the light switch to position "0".

- Remove the license plate lamp -3- from the rear lid by positioning a screwdriver -1- at the slit -2- and sliding it in the direction of -arrow-.



Install in the reverse order of removal while noting the following:

  • The entire license plate lamp must be replaced if an LED is faulty.

- Insert the license plate lamp into the opening and engage on the opposite side.


     Access/Start Authorization

    Component Location Overview - Access/Start Authorization System 1 - Ignition Key 2 - Access/Start System Antenna 1 in Vehicle Interior -R138- With emergency transponder sensor

     Steering Column Switch Module

    Overview - Steering Column Switch Module 1 - Steering Column 2 - Steering Column Switch Module With the following integrated components: Turn Signal Switch -E2- Windshield

     Parking Aid

    Overview - Parking Aid Overview - Front Parking Aid 1 - Right Front Parking Aid Sensor -G252- Removing and installing. Refer to → Chapter "Front Parking Aid Sensor, Removing and


     Overview - Rear Door Trim Panel

    1 - Liner Mat Insert in the door pocket. 2 - Clip For door trim panel Quantity: 8 Insert in the trim panel 3 - Rear Reflector Vehicles with a Left Rear Door Warning Lamp -W37- Vehicles with a Right Rear Door Warning Lamp -W38- Component location overview.

     Transmitted information

    Data collection Applies to: vehicles with data collection Depending on the country, Audi may collect data for the following purposes, for example: offer and product optimization, public safety, provision of Audi connect remote vehicle services, and adaptation to customer expectations. For example, v

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