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Audi Q7: Integrated Toll Module


Applies to: vehicles with Integrated Toll Module

Depending on the region, you can pay toll fees in certain countries using the Integrated Toll Module (ITM). It replaces a separate transponder for detecting toll fees. The system electronics are integrated in the rearview mirror housing.

To use the ITM in toll zones, you must register and activate it.


  • Applies to: MMI: Select on the home screen: VEHICLE > Settings & Service > Integrated Toll Module.
  • Note the Integrated Toll Module ID.
  • To register the ITM, go to the displayed web address and follow the instructions.


  • To activate the ITM, press in the MMI.

Entering the number of passengers

Depending on the number of passengers and the region, a lower toll fee may be charged. You must either enter the number of passengers or deactivate the ITM based on the laws applicable in the area where you are driving.

  • To enter the number of passengers, select the appropriate button in the MMI.
  • To deactivate the ITM, press in the MMI.


  • The driver is responsible for specifying the correct number of passengers and activating or deactivating the ITM.
  • Malfunctions can occur when detecting tolls if both the ITM and transponder are activated.

    Deactivate the system not being used or remove it as necessary.

  • Ifa rearview mirror is replaced, you must register the new ITM and remove the old ITM from the account.
  • The system complies with United States FCC regulations and ISED regulations.


Applies to: vehicles with Integrated Toll Module

The selected number of passengers is displayed in the MMI status bar.

The symbol in the status bar and a notification in the MMI will indicate if there is a faulty connection between the ITM and the MMI or if the ITM is faulty. If the connection interference continues or the ITM is faulty, drive immediately to an authorized Audi dealer or authorized Audi Service Facility.


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