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Audi Q7: Online roadside assistance


Applies to: vehicles with online roadside assistance

An online roadside assistance call1) is a combination of data transmission and a phone call. The data transmission from your vehicle forwards important information to the Audi service center, such as the vehicle and position data.

Calling online roadside assistance

Applies to: vehicles with online roadside assistance

Emergency call
Fig. 145 Front headliner: online roadside assistance button

Calling online roadside assistance

  • Press the button (3). The LED in the button turns red. The online roadside assistance call will be made.
  • If you press the button (3) by mistake, then press it again.

Audi incident assistance

A minor accident may be detected by the vehicle electrical system. You are able to select between online roadside assistance and an emergency call in the MMI.


If the roadside assistance call is canceled due to a poor connection, then the call must be made again.



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