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Audi Q7: Personalization


General information

Applies to: vehicles with personalized user settings

Depending on vehicle equipment and your country, your vehicle may be able to manage various users in the MMI. Each user will be assigned the settings that they last used.

Before you begin driving, you can select a user in the MMI and load personalized Infotainment and vehicle settings.

Possible users in the MMI:

  • myAudi user: as a myAudi user, you can use Audi connect services that require a myAudi account.

    Certain settings are transferred online to your myAudi account. If you log into your myAudi account in another vehicle, you can load your settings in the other vehicle.

  • Local user: as a local user, you can only store settings in the current vehicle. Your settings cannot be transferred to other vehicles. Audi connect services that can only be used with a myAudi account will not be available.
  • Guest user: as a guest user, you can store settings in the vehicle without changing the settings for other users. Audi recommends only using the guest user temporarily, because settings can be overwritten by other users.

Depending on vehicle equipment, the following options may be used to detect the active user so that the user settings can be loaded automatically before you start driving.

  • Vehicle key

Requirement: the driver's door has been opened.

The detected user must be shown in the MMI.

Confirm the user shown, select another user, or add another user.


It may not be possible to load Infotainment and vehicle settings, or they may only load partially. The driver is always responsible for the Infotainment and vehicle settings in order to reduce the risk of an accident.


  • Certain Infotainment and vehicle settings (such as mirrors, last radio stations) may be stored, depending on vehicle equipment.

    You can find additional information in the MMI. Select on the home screen: SETTINGS > General > Legal notes > About Audi connect.

  • Applies to: myAudi users: The stored settings can only be transferred to vehicles that are capable of receiving the transmitted information. There may be restrictions that prevent this, particularly in other countries.
  • Applies to: myAudi users: The settings can only be transferred and loaded when there is coverage from the applicable mobile phone service provider.
  • Applies to: myAudi users with PIN protection switched on: If the MMI displays a detected user but you simply start driving or wait without entering the 4-digit PIN, then the guest user will be selected. Some settings for the detected myAudi user will be transferred to the guest user.

User management

Applies to: vehicles with user management

Opening user management

Applies to: MMI

  • Press USERS on the home screen.

Selecting a user

Applies to: MMI

  • Press on the desired user.
  • Enter the 4-digit myAudi PIN, if necessary.

Adding myAudi users

Applies to: MMI and Audi connect

Requirement: you must have successfully registered at and have created a 4-digit myAudi PIN.

  • Press Add user.
  • Press Log in now to log in with your myAudi credentials.
  • Follow the system instructions.

To transfer existing destinations from the MMI to your myAudi account one time, confirm the system prompts with Yes.

You can set a profile pictured for your myAudi user at

Adding a local user

Applies to: MMI

  • Press Add user.
  • Press Initiate setup.
  • Press Local user.
  • Follow the system instructions.

Editing users

Applies to: MMI

Requirement: the user must be selected and that user's settings must be loaded.

  • Press on the user.

Depending on the user type, available options may include the following.

PIN protection: when this function is switched on, the 4-digit myAudi PIN must be entered before any settings for this user can be loaded.

Remove the user from the vehicle: the user will only be deleted in the vehicle from the list in the MMI.

Change name: you can change the name of the local user.

Removing users

Applies to: MMI

  • Select on the home screen: Users > > one or more entries > Delete. The user will only be deleted from the list in the MMI. The authorizations for the user in the vehicle (such as key user) will not be removed.


  • The guest user cannot be renamed.
  • When changing users, the new user settings are loaded in the vehicle.
  • If a user has the symbol, PIN protection is active. To switch off PIN protection, you can edit the user.
  • Depending on the country, you may be able to use an Audi app or

Key user

Applies to: vehicles with key user management

The vehicle owner must be set as the key user to use some of the specific Audi connect vehicle control services that depend on vehicle equipment.

The key user automatically has remote access authorization.

This remote access authorization is necessary to control certain functions that depend on the equipment, such as Audi connect vehicle control services, through the myAudi app.

Setting the key user

Requirement: a key user must not be set yet.

  • To set a key user for the vehicle, you will need a myAudi account. Register in the myAudi app or at
  • Add your vehicle to the myAudi app.
  • Follow the instructions in the myAudi app.

Managing additional users

Depending on the vehicle equipment, you can grant authorization for additional users to use Audi connect vehicle control services at

Removing the key user

If you remove the key user, all other users that were stored by the key user at and their authorizations will be deleted. It will no longer be possible to use the Audi connect vehicle control services, depending on the vehicle equipment.

Requirement: a key user must be set. The ignition has been switched on with a vehicle key.

  • Applies to: MMI: Select on the home screen: USERS > > Remove key user.


  • Depending on the country and model there may be an app other than the "myAudi App" available for your vehicle. For additional information, see
  • You do not need to log into the vehicle with a myAudi user in order to use Audi connect vehicle control services, which depend on the vehicle equipment.
  • If you sell your vehicle, reset all settings to the factory default settings.


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