Audi Q7 Owners & Service Manuals

Audi Q7: Steering wheel

General information

Make sure that:

  • The distance between your upper body and the steering wheel is at least 10 inches (25 cm)
  • Your arms are bent slightly at the elbows
  • You have a sufficient view of the area around the vehicle and you have a clear view of the instrument cluster and head-up display.
  • You are always holding the steering wheel with both hands on the outer edge at the sides (9:00 and 3:00 position) when driving


  • To reduce the risk of an accident, make sure the steering wheel is adjusted correctly and cannot be moved out of position before you start to drive.
  • If you are too close to the steering wheel, the driver's airbag cannot provide optimal protection, which increases the risk of injury or fatality.
  • Never hold the steering wheel in the 12:00 position or in any other way, such as holding the center of the steering wheel. Otherwise, your arms, hands, and head could be injured in the event that the driver's airbag deploys.

Power steering wheel position adjustment

Fig. 59 Steering column: switch for adjusting the steering wheel position
Fig. 59 Steering column: switch for adjusting the steering wheel position

The steering wheel position can be adjusted electrically up/down and forward/back.

  • To adjust the steering wheel, press the button in the direction in which you would like the steering wheel to move.

The steering wheel can also be adjusted when the ignition is switched off.


     Head restraints

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     Safety belts

    General information Each seat is equipped with a three-point safety belt. Safety belts that are worn correctly are the most effective way to reduce the risk of serious or fatal injuries in a collision

     Fastening and unfastening safety belts

    Fig. 65 Belt buckle and belt latch Fig. 66 Releasing the belt buckle from the belt latch Observe the safety precautions. Fastening the safety belt Pull the safety belt by the belt buckle evenly


     Driver Front Airbag Crash Sensor -G283-, Removing and Installing

      Note The Passenger Side Front Airbag Crash Sensor -G284- is removed and installed the same way. Removing   WARNING Follow all safety precautions when working on pyrotechnic components. Refer to → Chapter "Safety Precautions for Pyrotechnic Components". - Disconnect the

     Infrared System

    Infrared System, Calibrating Special tools and workshop equipment required Vehicle Diagnostic Tester Wheel Alignment Computer Calibration Tool - Linear Laser -VAS6350/3A- (can be used from the Calibration Tool -VAS6350-) Setting Device - Basic Set -VAS6430/1- or Setting Device - Basic Set -V

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