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Audi Q7: Transmitted information

Data collection

Applies to: vehicles with data collection

Depending on the country, Audi may collect data for the following purposes, for example: offer and product optimization, public safety, provision of Audi connect remote vehicle services, and adaptation to customer expectations. For example, various technical function data, environmental data, driving data, and usage data will be collected for a specific purpose and forwarded to Audi. The data will be sent from the vehicle at the time the data was collected.

Applies to: MMI: You can find additional information about data collection in the MMI. Select on the home screen: SETTINGS > General > Legal notes > About Audi connect.

If you would like to deny data transmission to Audi, contact an authorized Audi dealer or authorized Audi Service Facility for more information.

You also have the option to deactivate data transmission within the privacy settings.

Privacy settings

Applies to: vehicles with Audi connect

  • Applies to MMI: Select on the home screen: SETTINGS > Privacy settings.
  • To display additional information about the privacy settings and the associated symbols in the status bar, press in the MMI.

Requirement: the ignition must be switched on.

Setting the maximum privacy settings

When the Activate privacy mode function is switched on, the data connection is deactivated or sending of data is restricted, but all safety-related, legal, or contractually required Audi connect services remain activated. The majority of the Audi connect services are deactivated.

When the function is switched off, the data connection will be available in order to use Audi connect services. After switching off the Activate privacy mode function, check the individual data categories under Adjusting individual privacy settings.

Adjusting individual privacy settings

In the MMI, you can adjust individually which data should be transmitted from the vehicle. If you switch on a data category, the data will be transmitted.

You can also deactivate individual services for your vehicle at if you are logged into the vehicle as the key user. These deactivated services will not be available in the vehicle.

For additional information, visit

1) In certain countries.


You are responsible for all precautions taken for data protection, anti-virus protection, and protection against loss of data on mobile devices that are used to access the Internet through the Wi-Fi hotspot.


  • The following interfaces are not affected by changes to the privacy settings: Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Wi-Fi, Audi smartphone interface (ASI), Near Field Communication (NFC), charging communication (high-voltage system), Electronic Toll Collect (ETC), On-Board Diagnostic System (OBD) if equipped.
  • If the maximum privacy settings are switched on, your vehicle may not receive certificates and security updates for establishing a secure connection, depending on vehicle equipment. In order to receive security updates and certificates, switch the maximum privacy settings off for at least ten minutes every three months. Make sure that your vehicle is connected to the Internet. A symbol in the MMI status bar indicates if the required data connection is available.
  • If the transmission of data is limited, it will have the following effects on the exchange of data for Audi connect services and emergency calls, if equipped:
    • The emergency call function will remain available without restrictions and will continue to transmit data.
    • If an online roadside assistance call is initiated, no data will be transmitted, but a call will be made.
    • Online Car Care will remain available without restrictions and continue to transmit data, as long as the vehicle's embedded SIM card is connected to the mobile phone network.
    • If the Geofencing Alert, Speed Alert, and/or Valet Alert services have been activated by the key user, then they will remain available without restrictions and continue to transmit data.
    • Stored destinations (favorites, last destinations) are only stored in the vehicle. If you allow transmission of data again, these destinations will be synchronized via the myAudi account. To prevent synchronization of destinations, delete the destinations before you allow data to be transmitted again.

Audi connect

Applies to: vehicles with Audi connect Infotainment

Audi collects, uses, stores and shares your personal information, such as contact data, vehicle data, usage data, driving data and precise geolocation, in order to provide you with the products and services you have purchased or requested, and for a number of other purposes, for example, to track quality issues, to performance and safety, to meet our internal compliance or legal requirements and to market to customers and potential customers. For a more complete list of the data we collect, how we use it and with whom we share it, please visit your Audi national/ sales region website at

The collection, use and sharing may vary depending on your model and model year, your subscription status, or the service offering. For example, collection, use and sharing may vary between Audi connect services, if you have designated a key user, or if you are driving a model equipped with persistent data logging. Please review the complete Privacy Statement to understand our data handling practices with respect to a particular service.

You can find additional information about our data privacy practices in your MMI.

  • Applies to: MMI: On the home screen, select: SETTINGS > General > Legal notes > About Audi connect.

Information about our privacy practices in conjunction with the mobile Audi connect application can be found in the Application's Privacy Statement.

For additional information about the privacy practices relating to Audi connect, myAudi, or other websites, applications or online services as well as your obligations with respect to using these services, and for additional information regarding Audi connect terms and conditions, please visit your Audi national/sales region website at


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