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Audi Q7: Flange Shaft Protective Ring, Replacing

Flange Shaft Protective Ring, Replacing, 0DB and 0D2

Special tools and workshop equipment required

  • Press Plate -VW401-
  • Press Plate -VW402-
  • Press Piece - Multiple Use -VW412-
  • Press Piece - Deflection Ring -T40089/1-
  • Intake Manifold Release Tool -T10526-
  • -3-Separating Tool - 22-115mm, for example Puller - Kukko Quick Action Separating Tool - 22-115mm -17/2-
  • Flange shaft removed.

Removing the Protective Ring -A- from the Flange Shaft

B - -17/2-, for example.


Installing the Protective Ring -1- on the Flange Shaft

  • Installation position: the larger outer diameter of the protective ring faces toward the flange.


Flange/Driveshaft Protective Ring, Replacing

Flange/Driveshaft Protective Ring, Replacing, 0DB and 0D2

Special tools and workshop equipment required

  • Press Plate -VW401-
  • Press Piece - Rod -VW407-
  • Press Piece - Multiple Use -VW412-
  • Seal Installer - Flange Shaft -T10049-
  • -3-Separating tool 22 to 75 mm, such as -17/1-
  • Flange/driveshaft removed.

Press the Protective Ring off the Flange/Driveshaft.

A - Separating Tool - 22-115mm, such as -17/2-


Install the Protective Ring -arrow- onto the Flange/Driveshaft.

  • Installation position: ribbed side of the protective ring points to the flange.
  • The protective ring -A- must engage audibly in the groove on the flange.



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