Audi Q7 Owners & Service Manuals

Audi Q7: Introduction

Depending on the vehicle equipment, various parking aids will help you when parking and maneuvering.

Parking aid

The parking aid plus assists you while parking using audio and visual signals to warn you about objects detected in front of, behind, and next to* the vehicle.

The rearview camera shows the area behind the vehicle in the center display. The lines in the rearview camera image help you to park and maneuver.

The peripheral cameras are an addition to the rearview camera and help you to see various areas around the vehicle while parking and maneuvering.

The rear cross-traffic assist can warn you of approaching cross traffic when driving in reverse or exiting a parking space.

The maneuver assist helps the driver to maneuver.

Assisted parking

The following systems help you to locate suitable parking spaces and to park in them and exit them. The driver must always monitor the area around the vehicle and supervise the process of parking or exiting a parking space.

Park assist plus helps you when parking in available parking spaces and exiting them. This occurs either in the vehicle by pressing a drive button or, if equipped with Remote park assist plus, from outside the vehicle by remote control using a mobile device. The systems control steering, gear selection, acceleration, and braking.

Possible settings

You can adjust parking aid functions according to your preferences. The possible settings depend on the vehicle equipment.

  • Automatic activation
  • Front and rear volume
  • Entertainment fader
  • Clean rearview camera
  • Trailer view
  • View
  • Rear cross-traffic assist
  • Maneuver assist


Observe the safety precautions and note the limits of the assist systems, sensors, and cameras.


Audi recommends practicing parking in a traffic- free location or parking lot to become familiar with the systems. Practice parking in good light and weather conditions.


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