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Audi Q7: Belt Fastening Detection

Front Passenger Occupant Detection Sensor -G128-, Removing and Installing


The passenger occupant detection sensor is only installed in the front passenger seat.


- Unscrew the front passenger seat and tip to the rear with the wires attached. Refer to → Chapter "Front Seat, Removing and Installing".

- Disconnect the connector -2- for the passenger occupant detection sensor.

- Unclip the mount -1- from the seat pan -arrows- and remove the passenger occupant detection sensor -3-.




The new passenger occupant detection sensor should be installed in the same location as the old sensor.

Install in reverse order of removal and note the following:

- Push the clips for the passenger occupant detection sensor into the seat pan until they click into place.


Make sure the connectors are pushed in all the way and that they engage audibly.


If the Airbag Indicator Lamp -K75- signals a fault after installing, check the Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) memory, erase it and check it again use the Vehicle Diagnostic Tester.


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