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Audi Q7: Front Brake Caliper

Overview - Front Brake Caliper

Overview - Front Brake Caliper

1 - Brake Caliper

2 - Gasket

  • Cannot be replaced separately at this time

3 - Brake Caliper Piston

4 - Protective Cap

  • Quantity: 6
  • Refer to → Chapter "Dust Cap, Removing and Installing"
  • Pull onto the brake caliper piston with the outer sealing lip

Dust Cap, Removing and Installing

Special tools and workshop equipment required

  • Piston Resetting Tool -T10145-


  • Brake caliper removed and separated from the hydraulic system. Refer to → Chapter "Brake Caliper, Replacing".

- Tension the brake caliper in a vise with protective covers over the jaws.


Risk of injury!

  • Wear protective eyewear.
  • When removing the brake caliper piston, never touch the brake caliper chamber with fingers.
  • Place a rag over the brake caliper chamber, to catch any brake fluid leaking out. Place an additional rag tightly around the compressed air gun nozzle on the brake caliper.
  • To prevent skin contact with brake fluid, wear chemical resistant safety gloves.


  • When removing the brake caliper pistons and the protective cover pay attention that, the coating on the brake caliper is not damaged.
  • Only one brake caliper piston can be pressed out at a time.

- Hold the opposing brake caliper piston in the brake caliper using the Piston Resetting Tool -T10145--a-.

- To prevent damage to the brake caliper paint coating, place a piece of rubber between the Piston Resetting Tool -T10145- and the brake caliper.

- Block the other brake caliper pistons, for example, using wooden blocks -b-. In addition, place a wooden board -c- in front of the Piston Resetting Tool -T10145- so that the brake caliper piston will not be damaged when pressed out.

- Position the compressed air gun nozzle on the bore hole for the brake hose and press the brake caliper piston out of the brake caliper.


- Carefully remove the protective cap -1- with a screwdriver -2- with light hammer strokes in direction of -arrow- from the brake caliper, while doing this do not damage the brake caliper coating.




  • Install the entire repair kit.
  • To clean the brakes only use mineral spirits.
  • When a brake caliper piston or a piston cylinder are damaged, the brake caliper must be replaced.

- Clean the surface of the brake caliper piston only with mineral spirits and let it dry.

- Install the protective cap on the brake caliper piston.


- Without tilting it, push the break caliper pistons using constant pressure.

- Press the protective cap into the groove on the brake caliper.

  • The protective cap must fit tightly in the groove. If necessary, push down on it slightly with the Piston Resetting Tool -T10145-.

- Repeat the work procedure on the next brake caliper piston.



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